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Are your customers looking for a permanent solution to fix broken pipes or blockages? Have you considered Pipelining?

Victorian Pipelining & Plumbing Pty Ltd is a small but specialised plumbing company which operates Victoria wide, specialising in offering services in the area of pipelining and drain cleaning using CCTV & high pressure water equipment, whilst also offering general plumbing services.

Pipelining is a specialised process where broken or damaged drainage pipes can be renewed and repaired without the need for expensive excavations or disruption to essential services.

In Victoria today, there are increasing cases of drainage pipes failing due to age and the past materials used to construct drains. In most cases these drains cannot be easily excavated, due to them being built over, being located too close to dangerous and essential services, or being too deep to easily excavate.

In most cases, it is cheaper and less disruptive to Reline your damaged drains, especially when they have been built over by concrete house slabs, Landscaped Gardens, Driveways and Exposed Aggregate Paths.

Use our investigative skills and experience to identify blockage and relining of broken pipes.

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Broken 100mm PVC Drain
Damaged Earthenware Sewer
Relined 100mm PVC Drain
Relined Earthenware Sewer
Gas Fitting

Roofing & Guttering Repairs

Water services
Repairs & Renewal

Sink & Shower

Sanitary &
Stormwater Drainage Repairs
& Renewal

Kitchen & Bathroom
Sewer & Stormwater Layout Drawings.

Rainwater Tanks
& Pumps

CCTV Surveys of
Sewer & Stormwater
Septic Tank Blockages

Pinpoint accurate
locations & depths
of problem areas.

Full report writing